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Frequently Asked Questions

How does kahoot hack work ?

This tool is not actually a “hack” in the common term (gaining unauthorized access to data or systems) . What it does is connect to your game and allow you to input answers as you nomally do manually. Kahoot bot is only spam.

Simply enter your game pin and nickname, from kahoot.com The tool will get the answers in the current kahoot game and allow you to answer the questions correctly with once click. Another fun thing you can do with the Kahoot hack is spam/flood the current quiz with as many users as you want. It can also crash the game (Use this for eductaional purposes only). No one will know you are this hack.

Will other users know it’s me?

There is no way for other users to tell if it’s you who is using the kahootbot.org to flood the quiz. It operates annonymously. You can be 100% no one will tell if it’s you or if you are using a spammer.

How do I use kahootbot.org to answer my questions?

You will need to login using your kahoot email and password. Once you are logged, we will retreive the the correct answers from the kahoot database. You can then click the “Answer my questions” button and have the kahoot hack the game and anwser all the questions for you.

Why is the tool not working for me?

When our server is under high load from a lot of people using the tool simultaneously, the bots may take some time to load and show up. Just give if a few seconds and try again.

Why is the Kahoot crasher/spam not working ?

Sometimes the game host computer is strong, make sure you have the “Multibot Spam” and try again. That will add more bots to connect. It should work.